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Consultative and value-added sales roles require special consideration

Successfully forging these types of sales relationships effectively locks the customer into an on-going business partnership.

Tailoring the sales compensation plan can support building long-term...

Building Clarity through the Effective Design of Jobs, Organizations and Processes

When jobs have clear and explicit accountabilities and decision-making authorities, people take initiative, appropriate risk, and innovate when necessary because they—and the rest of the...

Achieving Outstanding Performance Through a "Culture of Dialogue"

If managers think giving annual performance reviews is like delivering a newspaper to a house with a growling dog, you have a problem.

Spreading rewards should not be like spreading...

Why Productive Workers Leave - Seven Suggestions for Keeping Them

Yes, money matters, but it is not really about money.

If you do not know why people are leaving, you cannot possibly stop the bleeding.

What people want most: To feel their careers...

Five Things the Best CEO's Do To Create Outstanding Executive Teams

When top teams fail, is the leader to blame?

Portfolio managers lower company valuations when top teams falter.

It is not hopeless: Ineffective top team leaders can become effective...

Jack Morton’s Acquisition of Caribiner

Financial due diligence alone isn't enough. People due diligence is critical.
Leadership assessments help place the right people—from both companies—in the
right roles.
Don't underestimate the...

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